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            Social Security Disability Claims, Appeals, Hearings
Your Local, Aggressive, Competent, Experienced Attorney (since 1983)
    Please telephone (530) 246-1621 to arrange Your face-to-face appointment with me so I can personally review your Social Security Disability Claim or Appeal

   It is very unwise for you to fail to retain the most effective and dedicated Attorney to act as your Attorney at all stages of your disability claim.  An out-of-area Attorney or non-attorney "rep", "advocate" or "associate" may not be qualified to handle your disability claim
at all stages (or at any stage), and may not be licensed or competent to Counsel you on the many legal problems you may encounter in your life while your claim is pending and thereafter.

   The fee that the Social Security Administration pays me, as an Experienced, Licensed Attorney, to represent you when your claim is won is exactly the same fee it would authorize & pay to an out-of-state, out-of-area "firm", "advocate", "non-attorney", unlicensed "associate" or other "representative" you designate (the smaller amount of 25% of back benefits or a $6k limit/cap - whichever is less). So, get an experienced, fully-qualified, licensed Attorney.

     Beware - Many persons who purport to be qualified "representatives" often do not appreciate just how much they do not know about the law, your many problems stemming from your disabilities, nor how to avoid legal pitfalls you may encounter during this very difficult time in your life.   In other words, they do not yet know what it is that they do not know.  
    My Winning, Proven Combination of considerable Professional Education & many years of Professional, Licensed Experience Does Matter.

Don't You be a sucker for the late night T.V. ads, the on-line promises of "99% success"
either they are not taking any difficult cases, or they are being untruthful if they make this assertion).  Don't be taken in by any unlicensed "associate", "representative", unlicensed "advocate" or "firm" who hint they "know people who work at Social Security" (suggesting some 'special relationship') , or "can pull some strings", "know the tricks", or "know the secrets".  Your future and the well-being of your family members is at stake. If a "national firm", out-of-state attorney or other person claims to "have friends" at Social Security or that they have some other special relationship - think about it, what will their relationship with you be?
As a Professional it is far more important to me to be Respected for my Education, Experience, Tenacity, Courteous & kind  conduct towards others, and my strong dedication to my clients' best interests.

There is NO substitute for the winning combination of Experience, Education and the Conscientious, Effective development of and Persuasive Presentation of the Evidence - from the beginning of your claim & through its conclusionAll are Absolutely essential for the Best result.

The  persuasive presentation of Evidence
including you as an individual ) at each stage of the disability claim process & at a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge of the Social Security Administration is what wins a claim.  My ongoing face-to-face preparation of my Social Security Disability clients, over time, at each stage of the disability claims process - including their Hearings before Administrative Law Judges, has always been similar to how I prepare clients for depositions in civil litigation, arbitrations, mediations, other hearings or trials (both criminal & civil) over the past 36+ years.   All of the Social Security Administrative Law Judges (ALJ s) were professionally educated, licensed, trained and experienced first as Attorneys, before they were appointed as Judges. Like it or not, This shapes the way they view the evidence in your case - the records, reports, testimony, and the manner in which they will view & judge YOU.
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   No Fee Until Your Claim is Won 

"Your Social Security Lawyer"

Protecting My Clients'    Rights Since 1983, as a Licensed Attorney
If you are disabled, cannot work at any job on a full-time basis due to your impairments, you do not have to wait until Social Security retirement age (62...) to draw benefits.  Call us to receive expert guidance, even before you file your disability claim.  Below is a very old poster......
   I've been a Licensed, Actively Practicing Attorney continuously since 1983 (1st Admitted to practice Law by the Ohio Supreme Court - 1983, 2nd- the U.S.Army JAG Corps, 3rd - by the California Supreme Court - 1987-present, & before the U.S.District Court, various Military & Veterans' Courts, etc.)
    My reputation, commitment, ethics and word to you as my Client are of utmost importance to me.  As an Attorney admitted to practice in the Federal Court(s) relevant to your Social Security Disability claim and appeals, and as an Attorney admitted to the Bar by the California Supreme Court,  I have successfully represented clients on a full-time basis, over the past 27+ years, in difficult, sensitive, life-changing litigation, trials, hearings, appeals, administrative boards, and in a myriad of other circumstances and forums. 
      You & Your family deserve no less.

I can often shorten the claims process, when I develop & present additional important evidence, enhancing your claim with evidence which was not provided before I become your attorney & presenting it to Social Security in a credible manner to bolster your claim.

I also work to rebut erroneous or harmful evidence already in your file with Social Security. I will effectively use the time often resulting from delays caused by the Social Security Administration / DDS / ODAR to continue to develop the evidence (& to do important things which should have been accomplished before you retained me as your attorney), to further strengthen your claim, and often shorten the decision making process.

We will continue to keep your file with Social Security up-to-date with current treatment records, make sure that you are seeing & continue to treat with the most helpful medical and mental health care providers, and continue to otherwise enhance and bolster your claim. 

I often spend a great deal of time and effort straightening out claims which were neglected, or handled in a naive, careless manner before I entered as the client's Attorney.  It is time well spent.

Don't go it alone - it's foolish and short-sighted.
Don't weaken or ruin your chances.  Allow me and my staff to develop your claim, obtain the most convincing evidence, prepare you for your interactions with your health care providers, and thereby enhance the prospects for a successful outcome. You probably wouldn't attempt to do your own dental work, attempt to sell your home without an realtor, or try to "work something out" with the police without an Attorney if you were wrongfully suspected of a crime -
So, don't muddle along, making naive mistakes, leaving things to chance or worse, monkeying up your claim ! 

Through the effective development & presentation of the evidence in you claim,
I am often able to have claims granted without needing to go on to a Hearing.