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Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking Cessation During Substance Abuse Treatment: What You Need To Know, by Baca et al 2008   -    Nicotine addiction is a deadly, life consuming personal and social problem. It can be dealt with successfully while treating alcoholism.  In fact, more alcoholics die from smoking related disease than all people combined who die from all illicit drugs, and alcohol every year !  
If you are alcoholic, and treat your nicotine addiction at the same time, your chances to remain both alcohol free and nicotine free are greatly improved.  Your 'triggers' for alcohol use and smoking (nicotine addiction) are very likely intertwined.....

SAMHSA -  Substance Use Cessation During Substance Abuse Treatment Counseling  (2011)  11-4636 Clin

Smoking Cessation, and attempts to stop smoking, will NOT adversely effect either your depression or alcoholism. In fact it will greatly improve your recovery from both !

The next time you are in counseling for drug abuse and or alcoholism, ask your therapist/counselor if he/she smokes.  If they are smokers, ask them if they believe smoking, for them, is an "addiction".  Then take note of what they say to rationalize, excuse, or 'explain' their uncontrolled active addiction(s) !   Ask them, "What's your plan to help me to recover from MY addiction to nicotine? It's far more likely to kill me than alcoholism or drug abuse. Aren't you aware of this?"

It may sound "insensitive" or "politically incorrect", But, If a drug addiction counselor or alcoholism treatment counselor is not providing you with smoking cessation resources, authoritative information, encouraging you to stop smoking, explaining the strong relationship between alcoholism and smoking, encouraging you to engage in healthy living, encouraging you to engage in mental health treatment when appropriate, encouraging you to follow a healthy diet, and informing you of the benefits of exercise to recovering addicts, shouldn't you question the adequacy of that counselor's  education, training, and competence?  Your life and the well-being of your family is at stake.  How much confidence will you have when you put your life in the hands of someone who is as poorly informed as you are? 

Children and grandchildren will emulate their role models.....