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                   Web Links to Authoritative Information :

The Social Security Handbook” - link to current on-line edition :

The Listings” (on-line version, current list of the individual severe medical & mental impairments which would ordinarily indicate disability) :

    Disability Evaluation Under Social Security  (‘Blue Book’- September 2008)  Part II - Evidentiary Requirements :  Medical Evidence
       “Medical Evidence from Treating Sources - Currently, many  disability claims are decided based on medical evidence from treating sources. SSA regulations place special emphasis on evidence from treating sources because they are likely to be the medical professionals most able to provide a detailed longitudinal picture of the claimant's impairment(s) and may bring a unique perspective to the medical evidence that cannot be obtained from the medical findings alone or from reports of individual examinations or brief hospitalizations. Therefore, timely, accurate, and adequate medical reports from treating sources accelerate the processing of the claim because they can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for additional medical evidence to complete the claim.”

Social Security “POMS”, the Program Operations Manual System (POMS) consists of the internal operating instructions used by Social Security Administration field employees...(some of whom do not seem too familiar with it, or frequently misinterpret/misunderstand it)

List of the Acronyms you will see in the “POMS” :

Glossary Social Security Terms :

NOSSCR list of terms & acronyms:

Social Security Rulings (from NOSSCR) :

“Social Security Administration, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review HALLEX, Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law Manual

U.S. Dept. Of Labor, “Dictionary of Occupational Titles” or “DOT”,  replaced by  :


           Additional, comphrensive, authoritative resource :
Cornell Law School’s Social Security Library:  


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