Donald E. Bartholomew, JD, MS, Attorney  
( Maj,USA,Ret. & prior Navy)
Protecting Clients' Rights Since 1983
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Living Trusts & Probate

   Since 1983, I have provided affordable, understandable Living Trusts, Wills, related estate planning documents and Probate services.
  I enjoy explaining trusts and the importance of estate planning fundamentals to my clients. My goal is to educate them while they allow me to provide understandable plans which meet their personal needs, protect their legal interests during their lifetime, and their survivors thereafter. 
     Before I commence drafting a Living Trust (also called an Intervivos Revocable Trust, a trust which is created by the clients during their lifetime), I always meet with my clients face-to-face in the privacy of my office. I conduct a careful and detailed interview, and review a questionnaire I have provided to them well before our meeting, and all documents I have requested they provide to me. This is so I will have all of the information I need to provide a comprehensive personalized plan for their individual circumstances.   
     I do these things to make certain I understand their needs and that they understand how the documents I create all work together to achieve their wishes, and so I can make recommendations, and avoid problems that would otherwise possibly arise.  I explain what each document I draft will accomplish:  The Revocable Trust, Certification of Trust, Pour-Over Will (s), Advance Health Care Directive (s), Durable Power Of Attorney (s), Grant Deed(s) of their real estate into the Trust, and other documents which may be needed in their particular circumstance. 
     This initial interview usually lasts about an hour and a half if the clients have come to the meeting with the questionnaire completed and with copies of the documents I have indicate are necessary for me to proceed.  At the conclusion of this meeting, and explaining what I am then going to draft to meet their needs, the clients pay my fee together with the costs I estimate the recorder's office will charge for me to record their grant deeds (which I will later have them execute to transfer their real estate into the trust).  I do not charge any additional fees to notarize the several documents associated with the estate plan/trust documents/grant deeds/powers of attorney.
     A second meeting is then scheduled at a convenient time, usually a few weeks thereafter, when my clients will return to my office to review with me the documents I have drafted, and make any  changes which are desired.  I will explain all of the sections which might otherwise be confusing to a non-lawyer as we execute each document.
     A third meeting is scheduled for my client(s) to pick up the original executed documents in a binder & several extra copies of everything, after the grant deeds have been recorded, and all of the executed original documents copied and assembled. The extra copies are provided so that my clients will be able to provide a copy of their entire trust and all related documents to their alternate/successor trustees & heirs. 

     For an appointment with me in my office, or with any questions you may have, please call :

(530) 246-1621 I discount fees to Veterans & their survivors            

    If my clients and I determine that they do not need a Living Trust, I can provide an economical Wills package  - Wills, Advance Health Care Directives, and Powers of Attorney
   My fees are always quite economical, and I provide amendments and updates of trust documents for a very reasonable fee.  Simple, short consultations in the future are often provided at no cost to my clients & their heirs when my clients request this.
   I am a retired military officer (Army & prior Navy) & my wife is also a Veteran (Army - Medic & then Nurse).
So, I discount my fees to Veterans & Survivors of Veterans for Trusts, Wills, related documents and Probates.
   I also provide notary public services by appointment at my office.

Donald E. Bartholomew, JD, MS, Attorney (Maj. USA Ret. & prior USNavy)
                         Protecting clients' rights since 1983.
                                            The picture of me here is from around 1989.... hah, hah