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( Maj,USA,Ret. & prior Navy)
Protecting Clients' Rights Since 1983
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Remember, the best way to Contact me is simply by calling me at (530) 246-1621. 
     Don't be bashful or afraid -  If you are calling in the evening or on the weekend, please leave a message on my office answering machine, with the telephone numbers at which we can reach you.  Then, either I or one of my assistants will call you back promptly or on the next business day.  We are kind, helpful and respectful. 

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,  Don Bartholomew, JD, MS, Attorney (Maj,USA,Ret.& prior Navy)                   Your Northern California Social Security Attorney

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    With your cooperation, My Knowledge, Experience & Tenacity, and the support of your health care providers .  .  .  . It's a battle we will win together ! 

I have been Aggressively Serving My Clients Best Interests & Protecting My Clients' Rights Since 1983 - You & Your Family Deserve No Less

You are entitled to Have a licensed professional handle your Social Security Disability or SSI claim, appeal and hearing -  An experienced Social Security Attorney, as I am, is paid EXACTLY the same fee to handle your case as any 'non-attorney', or 'rep'.  Why would you have an unlicensed 'rep' or an unlicensed 'advocate' handle your case? 

I provide a range of additional professional and legal services and counsel to my Social Security clients not available to them if they have a less experience person handle their case.

Neither "Certified to receive direct payment of fee" or "Accredited Disability Representative" are a license, nor certification of substantial experience, advanced professional education, or licensed professional attainment.

      "Your Social Security Lawyer"  Don Bartholomew, JD, MS, Attorney