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The past 50 years after H.S.

Over the past 50 years following high school . . . (Kaiserslautern American H.S., U.S.Forces, Germany 1969),

    I've spent quite a few years becoming Professionally Educated, Professionally Trained, Licensed and Experienced -  all of which I put to good use every day in successfully representing disability claimants at all stages of the Social Security Disability claims process -  reconsideration of an initial denial, appeals, hearings before Administrative Law Judges, and post-hearing stages.

    I develop the evidence in your claim
& counsel you throughout the entire process to insure that you are obtaining the most appropriate medical and mental health care necessary to prove your disability.
      Selecting or staying with the 'wrong' health care providers can ruin your claim (and your health). You can interact 'inappropriately' with even the best health care providers, or fail to follow their advice & in other ways ruin the chances to develop the best evidence for your claim.  With the benefit of my many years of professional experience, education & training I will assertively steer you in the right directions in these regards. Yes, this will require your continuing cooperation as well. Your claim is important to me, It should be just as important to you.

   I make the best possible presentation of YOU and the evidence in your disability claim at each point in the process
. With careful, ongoing preparation & submission of the evidence in your claim, we are often able to prove your disability without needing to go on to a hearing. 
   My staff and I remain available to counsel you, even in the future after your case is won.

     Even claims which are granted may be reviewed in the future by the Soc.Sec.Admin. for discontinuation due to medical improvement, working more than is allowed, and other reasons. We don't want to see our clients get 'bushwacked' & lose their SSDI or SSI.

                     There is no good reason for you to remain confused, worried,
                 or improperly represented at any stage of this often lengthy process. 

    The best chance for a successful claim is when I am retained to represent you early on, though many claimant's retain me after they have been struggling with their claim for many months, or when it becomes apparent to them that they are headed towards a hearing.  Don't wait !   All along the way we will do our best to help keep your spirits up.   The somewhat humorous illustrations below are intended to gently provoke your thought process . . . . yet the points I make here are quite serious.

    There are many things you (and your healthcare providers, in spite of their good intentions) can unwittingly do to damage your claim from the time of the initial application process and thereafter.  The good folks at Social Security, or government paid 'advocates', do not get awards or extra points for suggesting that you obtain a Social Security Disability Attorney. It makes no difference to them, or persons/advocates employed by the State, County or Federal government if you win or lose. They may be genuinely kind, and they may inadvertently (or deliberately) lull you into a sense of complacency, that "everything will work out", "your claim might be granted soon", "...things are moving along.... you should be patient...", "...maybe we'll find you to be disabled soon, but we may not be able to pay you any back benefits.... we just don't feel you have been 'disabled' for these past few years....",  etc . . .   Why are they quick to tell you that YOU don't need a Lawyer.  Hmm?   I have been the Attorney for many claimant's AFTER they have attempted to handle their claim on their own, or with the help of a relative, losing again and again over a period of several years - only then do they realize why they needed my services from the start.  I have also been the Attorney for claimants who were properly represented in a prior claim by a qualified, experienced representative - but apparently, throughout the whole process, continually failed to follow their representative's advice, and failed to establish and maintain a helpful relationship and ongoing course of treatment with the most appropriate medical and mental health professionals.  
Is this where You are now ? With Social Security telling you "We're almost there"

    Stop... instead... Having me as your qualified, assertive Attorney, representing you early on & through the conclusion of your disability case, will cause the Social Security Administration to respect your rights and to ultimately award all of the back benefits to which you are entitled.  

You don't need to continue to be confused or led on by the system...... You have important rights at stake.

Don't get on board with an "out of area" attorney, unlicensed "advocate", unlicensed "associate", a "company or a "firm" which spends much of their money on advertising & sending you generic emails periodically to catch you & to keep you on their hook (to make you think things are really moving along).   When you are heading into a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), is not the moment to first discover that the person is NOT an Attorney or is someone who is unfamiliar with your case!   Unlicensed "associate"(s) may even advertise in the Attorney section of the Yellow pages or on the web suggest that they are a "firm" or use other terminology which causes you to believe that they are Attorneys. We often hear of this !  We also hear that claimants are being greeted by an unlicensed  associate  that they have never even met only minutes before they are going into a hearing. But by then, the damage may have already been done (or will be done in just a few minutes). You will not know that you have been improperly handled until later. 

This is definitely NOT how you should feel heading into a Hearing -   You nervously clinging to your unlicensed, "rep", "associate" or "advocate", with inadequate evidence in your file, and with you improperly prepared, if you have been prepared at all !

Don't hire anyone, any "company", "firm", unlicensed "associate", or unlicensed "advocate" to represent you who looks at your claim as "easy money", "low hanging fruit" (easy pickings)  or sees you and your family as just another number, or "just another file".

You may have just one shot to prove your disability claim, let's make it count . . .

                Stop shooting blindly, in the wrong direction, at the wrong things . . .
 ( ie. filling out SSA forms on-line, making you  think you've accomplished something special - or mechanically churning lots of paperwork...)
  Please Call Me, Before You let anyone waste any more of your time.  Schedule your Face-to-face interview with me so I can carefully review your disability claim & keep you out of trouble, on the right track, before mistakes are made that we can't undo
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I have been Aggressively Serving My Clients Best Interests & Protecting My Clients' Rights Since 1983 - You & Your Family Deserve No Less